Beastmaster of the Ages

A Life for a Life

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"If you join, you'll only earn their ire. The sun emperor will definitely wipe them out. Everything has been planned, from the return of the Veildragon Palace to Li Wushuang's death."

"Come to think of it, is she really dead? She can't possibly come back to life ten years later, right?"

"Yeah, it's quite the deal to cripple the entire Xuanyuan Dragon Sect in exchange for ten years in hiding."

"Can you all shut up? Don't you think the celestial orderians will come for us once they win here? When we're gone, the Myriad Solar Sects will be wiped out! Our descendants will forever be the slaves of the celestial orderians! Totemancers will reign supreme over beastmasters!"

"There’s seventy million of us...."

Even if they had that number, they were disorganized and disunited. They might not even stand a chance against the thirty million troops of the Ninedragon Army. These onlookers were just as shameless as the Veildragon Palace, in a sense. The Ninedragon Army had never counted on them to begin with, otherwise their apathy would have affected their morale even more. They merely continued gritting their teeth and fighting away.


"Don't fall! The Primodragon Cave is right behind us!"

"We'll die sooner or later! What better time than now? We'll take a few traitors with us so our descendants won't have to bow down

and become their slaves!"

It took countless years for the Myriad Solar Sects to be able to rival the celestial orderians, but if they lost here, they would be past the point of no return.

"Even if we fail and die, we can at least cause the celestial orderians grief! Let's kill thirty million of them and teach them a bloody lesson! Let's all at least kill one before we die!"

They already had nothing to lose, so they had no qualms about sacrificing themselves for a hopeless cause. As long as every one of them killed one enemy before being killed, it would be a huge blow to the celestial orderians.

"Anyone who dies before killing at least one enemy shall forever be shamed in the afterlife!" With that thought in mind, every single soldier fought with renewed vigor and abandon, desperate to score a kill even if it meant enduring a fatal wound. Some even imploded their cultivation to self-destruct!

No matter how tough the celestial orderians were, a level or three of difference no longer mattered against fearlessly suicidal fighters like the Xuanyuans. No matter how strong they were, one could easily perish in a battle where death was the only constant.

What was even more shocking was how the Ninedragon Army didn't even look like they were at a disadvantage after fighting for so long. Their dedication to trade life for life had instead instilled fear in their enemies. What sane person would risk dying just to kill a single enemy? When faced with a suicidal enemy like this, the only rational choice was to run! While it wouldn't be a problem if tens, or even hundreds of thousands of them ran, their unified will would be heavily affected once millions of them made such a cost-benefit analysis.

The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect wasn't strong from the get-go. They had protected their lands and maintained cohesion amidst the constant rising and falling of the many factions, forming a solid legacy and sense of identity. When faced with invaders, they would repel them with the fiercest ability they could muster! The burning souls of the troops of the Ninedragon Army fought back against the celestial orderians' solar flare, much to the shock of the seventy million onlookers. Even Tianming was impressed and affected by their sheer will.

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