Dear Commander-in-Chief

Give It to the Man I Like  

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“What? Isn’t she just the Gu family’s recognized daughter? Her surname isn’t really Gu. On what basis can she seduce our Young Master Ye?”

“That’s right. She even said that it was a family heirloom. Why don’t I believe it? Is Old Master Gu stupid? If he didn’t give the real eldest daughters, Gu Qiqi and Gu Yuanyuan, a family heirloom, would he give it to a fake daughter?”

“That’s enough. She actually used jade stones to curry favor with our Young Master Ye. Does she think that our Young Master Ye hasn’t seen good jade stones before? Hmph! When I return home, I’ll bring a pile over to kill her instantly!”

“She even said that she doesn’t want Young Master Ye to be responsible. Pfft, our Young Master Ye can’t even be bothered with her!”

Everyone despised Gu Xuexue’s shamelessness and were indignant.

Gu Xuexue was thick-skinned. As if she didn’t hear them, she carefully took out an exquisite antique box from her handbag.

Once it was opened, the smell of ink filled the air!

In the middle of the box was a beautiful jade the size of an egg. Its shape was nothing special. It was very simple and round.

However, the color was very unique!


Black and dark!

This was a real precious black jade.

Gu Qiqi’s pupils shrank!

She knew best how much Old Master Gu cared about this piece of black jade.

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