Goblin Kingdom

Chapter 293: Rashka of Gaidka (3/5)

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“Damn it! What a shameful display!”

Despite cursing, Rashka gathered his forces and chased after the main force where the Goblin King was. They were a step ahead when they started retreating, but if Aransain did not put up such a hard fight, it wouldn’t have been strange for them to be wiped out.

The goblins could see in the night, and as such, they could already see the hazy shadows of the army in the distance.

But at the same time, they could also see the figure of Aransain being driven away in a night battle. Aransain’s forces were already in tatters, but Eleanor of the third company continued to give chase. With Aransain’s forces reduced to some hundred cavalry, they did not even have the strength to fight back.

“Hmph, we’ve got a debt to pay!”

The difference in their strength was clear as day, but this sort of arrogance was exactly what one would expect from a demon of

the battlefield like Rashka. Because of how confident he was, there were many among the Gaidga that could be seen smiling fearlessly.

“Strike them from the side, then we’ll make our way back to the king!”

The Gaidga Tribe quietly raised their spirits and ran through the night.

They were in the middle of a retreat, yet as soon as they saw Aransain in danger, they didn’t hesitate to change course and ride head first into Eleanor’s forces. Eleanor’s forces had been chasing after Aransain, but the Gaidga Tribe’s attack forced them to turn to them and respond.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done about the difference in numbers.

The unexpected attack that came out of the blue indeed threw Eleanor’s forces into disarray despite the small size of the Gaidga Tribe, but Eleanor’s second-in-command prevented things from going as Rashka desired.

“They’re going to break through our southwest. Aim for that!”

At her aide, Yuan El Farran’s, behest, Eleanor’s forces were able to catch up to the Gaidga Tribe when they were about to make their escape and return to the main force.

“Tch, annoying.”

Rashka could tell that Yuan’s formation could wipe them out if they forced their way like this. It was a formation that lured them to the one direction that had a small opening, yet as impressive as it was for Rashka to see that despite standing in the front lines himself, it was sadly not enough to give him a way to turn this predicament around.

In the end, he had no choice but to force open the hard part of the surround they were currently in. A heavy price had to be paid, but they managed to successfully break out.

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