I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 400:

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Then came the third and fourth rounds.

It all ended swiftly.

As for the two people who advanced to the finals, of course, they were no other than Lin Yuan and Chi Qian.

Both were not surprised at all.

Although they have never played with each other, they have a very good understanding of each other’s skills.

They both knew that each other’s chess skills are absolutely at a high level.

Although both were not surprised, the spectators were the opposite.

They did not expect the results, especially the school’s chess club and the organizer of the chess competition.

They were all in awe.

Previously, only the members of the chess club made it to the finals as it was a given that they have the best chess skills.

But there are people who are better than them this time around.

And neither of the two are from the

chess club.

This made their chess club completely lose its face.

All they could do was speculate.

For the finals, the organizers set up electronic screens.

Since the space is very limited and to not affect the finalist playing, it will be broadcast on large electronic screens.

Looking at Lin Yuan and Chi Qian both having superb looks, the person in charge doesn’t mind broadcasting the final match.

Even if the game will not be that exciting, the faces of the finalist are high enough to attract attention.

After the equipments were set up, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian sat across each other.

”Brother Lin Yuan, I won’t let you win this time.” Chi Qian curled her mouth as she provoked.

”It seems that Qian Qian is very confident in her chess skills that I can only take the runner-up place.” Lin Yuan refused to put fire into Chi Qian’s rare provocation.

The words that Chi Qian bottled up and prepared to say now couldn’t get out of her mouth.


Chi Qian was speechless for a few seconds.

Then she pouted which is a very rare occasion and said, “Brother Lin Yuan, don’t hold back. The real fight is about to unfold on the chessboard. The winner is the king!”

Chi Qian’s tone was serious.

Obviously, she is really afraid that Lin Yuan will hold back and let her win. She wanted to win against Lin Yuan upright!

Otherwise, if Lin Yuan just lets her win, she will be depressed for several days.

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