I Am Loaded With Passive Skills

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Rao Yaoyao laughed, “And that is the third point. Why didn’t Yi flee?”

“If the third person was a weakling, there was no need for him to flee. Why would Yi run from a weakling? If I were to hammer a weakling, they would turn into mud instantly. Why was there a need to run?” Wang Dachui scolded as he snapped back to reality.

“But Yi is dead.”

“Um.” Wang Dachui was dumbfounded.

Rao Yaoyao said, “Yi is definitely not as idiotic as the two of you. He can tell even if someone was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The person who came might be weak but definitely not as insignificant as Huan Yi; They must be someone significant, so significant that Yi had to kill them no matter what.”

“What did you mean?” Teng Shanhai couldn’t wait any longer. He is deeply confused.

“Maybe the other party had some important information, or maybe the other party’s identity and background gave him a reason to kill them. Or maybe that person had something on Yi that left him with no choice but to stay and fight.” Rao Yaoyao explained.

Teng Shanhai didn’t agree, “You said that Yi wasn’t that foolish. If this were to be the case, his first choice would still be to retreat or to send the information to the headquarters and us so that we can reinforce with more people.”

“There’s no way for the information to reach us.” Wang Dachui added on and for once, he was right.

Rao Yaoyao nodded, “Aside from Yi not being able to send out the information, Teng Shanhai, you forgot that the person who came was only a weakling. That person might just have grasped something that can counter Yi’s ability. Something that Yi, himself, didn’t know of.”

Teng Shanhai frowned

and didn’t say anything.

Rao Yaoyao asked again, “If the third party was a sovereign and didn’t look strong. At the same time, you did not know their background, or even in the case where you did, you feel that the possibility of danger to your life is not 100%, or even less than 70%; what would you do in that situation?”

Teng Shanhai fell into deep thought.

Based on his subjective feelings and the words he had heard earlier, he naturally wanted to answer that he would run.

However, putting aside the messy information, if what Rao Yaoyao said was true that Yi faced a situation he felt he could control. Perhaps his first choice was not to run, but…


Teng Shanhai said, “I would wait for an opportunity or a chance to secretly transmit the information.”

All the intelligence personnel laughed, making Teng Shanhai feel a little confused.

Rao Yaoyao laughed too, but her expression quickly became serious.

“Waiting is correct.”


“Yi’s first choice might not be to flee.”

“But the other party came prepared.”

“If they had thrown the bait step by step and made you think that you will always have a chance of escaping, yet behind the scenes, they had already cut all escape paths…”

“Then, if your first choice was to run, perhaps even if you used all your strength and consumed the holy blood, you wouldn’t be able to destroy the Cloud Realm world. However, at the very least, you would be able to send out even a hint of information.

“But if you had waited…”

Rao Yaoyao paused for a long time, her face turned gloomy. She said, “If I were to be Yi’s opponent, I would choose to deplete Yi’s spiritual source and spiritual technique step by step. I would use a spiritual weapon specifically targeted at Yi and slowly devour his body, soul, and even his will until there is no left of him.”

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