Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again

True God-Level Junior  

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When they returned after watching the complete video of the medical competition, they were stunned.

The last few pages of the new comments were basically saying: “Sh*t. Are all the freshmen this year so awesome? Or is it just one awesome junior? I suspect that I’ve lived for 20 years only to become a retard!”

Everyone who could enter Qing University was a genius.

Geniuses all had the arrogance of geniuses. Normally, no one would be convinced otherwise. However, after looking through the entire post of this ‘divine’ junior—the top scorer in the joint examination, the national top scorer, and Master Nie’s student—there was only one word left: convinced.

She truly was a God-level junior!


Beijing was clear and bright.

The Imperial Mansion was quite lively today. Although in the past, the people who came to eat at this place were all wealthy or noble, there were especially many people today.

Steven’s appeal in the domestic music industry was not small, only slightly inferior to Nie Mi’s. The apprenticeship banquet of a music master of his level attracted many people.

In addition, the Shen family had intentionally used the matter of Qiao Chen’s apprenticeship banquet to help them regain their dignity, so Qiao Chen’s apprenticeship banquet was quite a big scene.

At the entrance of the banquet hall on the third floor of the Imperial Mansion, Qiao Chen and Wei Ling were greeting guests at the door.

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