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Holy Mountain

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The two of them got on the locomotive and Chu Nan skillfully started it. The old fuel locomotive quickly moved deeper into the wasteland.

It had already been 13 hours since they left for the nearest city, Panguinea. According to the local time on Planet Leppler, more than half a day had passed.

After 13 hours of traveling, they had already gone more than 800 kilometers into the wasteland from the original Panguinea on the equator, leaving the city far behind. Now, their surroundings could be said to be desolate without any signs of human habitation.

The reason why they were here was completely because of the high priest’s words.

The so-called “guidance” of the high priest allowed Chu Nan to take another step forward. It was not that she could give Chu Nan any guidance, but that she expressed that there was actually a long-standing Holy Mountain among her Rand Clansmen that contained the most precious things in the history of the Rand Clan. The complete inheritances of the two cultivation methods were also inside.

If Chu Nan could obtain the inheritance of the Holy Mountain, he would definitely take another step forward in these two cultivation methods.

However, the high priest also said that the Holy Mountain was protected by the Holy Clan. If he wanted to obtain the inheritance, he had to obtain the approval of the Holy Clan and pass their trial.

At the same time, the high priest expressed that outsiders were usually not allowed to participate in this trial. However, because Chu Nan had saved her and all her clansmen, she was willing to give him the approval to participate.

As long as Chu Nan brought this approval certificate, the Holy Clan would acknowledge his identity and give him the qualifications to test himself.

After the high priest finished speaking, Chu Nan ran to this desolate place that was at least 3,000 kilometers away from Nightclub City.

As for Angie Prairie, she happened to have returned from the United States of Melaita and when she heard that Chu Nan was going to explore the Holy Mountain, she bluntly expressed that she wanted to follow him.

According to her, she had once stayed on Planet Leppler for a period of time and was much more familiar with this place than Chu Nan.

Chu Nan was deeply suspicious of

her words, but since she insisted on following, he could only agree.

“Heh, Chu Nan, do you think the high priest is lying? I’ve been on Planet Leppler for a long time, so why have I never heard of the Rand Clan having a Holy Mountain?” Perhaps it was because she was bored sitting in the car, but Angie Prairie suddenly spoke.

“No. I’m the great benefactor who saved her entire tribe. Why would she lie to me with these words?” Chu Nan shook his head, “Speaking of which, why did you suddenly suspect this? This doesn’t seem like your personality.”

“This has nothing to do with personality, but I’ve actually seen quite a few such situations in the past. In these relatively backward races, there are often all kinds of legends that they believe to be true. In fact, these things have been twisted after being spread many times, and they’re completely different from the facts. The Holy Mountain that the high priest mentioned is only a legend. Didn’t she say that she had never seen it before?”


“You’ve seen a lot of them in the past?” Chu Nan was a little strange and understood after thinking for a moment.

Angie Prairie had followed Supremacy Oville around previously. She had interacted with such things more than him.

“It doesn’t matter. Even if it’s not true, we can just treat it as a vacation,” Chu Nan said, “What? You’re not willing to travel with me?”

“Of course not.” Angie Prairie immediately shook her head and said to Chu Nan with a happy expression, “If we’re traveling together, I like to be with you very much. Or rather, as long as I’m with you, I’m very happy.”

Chu Nan nearly collided with the steering wheel.

“You… do you know what you’re saying?”

“What? That’s what I think. Is there a problem with saying that?”

Looking at Angie Prairie’s matter-of-fact expression, Chu Nan could only be speechless.

This girl had a straightforward personality and said whatever she thought. There was no doubt about this.

However… did she really know what it meant?

This was something that only girls would say to the person they liked!

Speaking of which, Chu Nan suspected that she did not know what it meant to like someone…

When he asked her previously, she had clearly expressed that she knew nothing about this.

“Look, there’s someone!” Angie Prairie suddenly pointed ahead and cried out.

Chu Nan hurriedly threw away his thoughts and looked in the direction Angie Prairie pointed. Indeed, he saw shadows in the distant wasteland like countless figures were swaying.

However, what shocked Chu Nan was the sound of firearms roaring in the air.

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