Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

: Call Me Hubby From Now On

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Xi Chenxiao suddenly leaned on Su Jin’s shoulder and pressed against Su Jin’s ear. His warm breath hit her neck as he continued flirtatiously in a deep and sensual voice,

“Tonight, I’ll punish you with no rest!”

Su Jin lowered her head shyly when she heard this. She wondered if she could decline. She had been busy all day and was quite tired. Xi Chenxiao gently bit Su Jin’s ear as he spoke again,

“Quick, call me hubby.”

Su Jin stole a glance at Xi Chenxiao who was inches away. Her face became even redder. She did not know what to do at all. She did not expect Xi Chenxiao to flirt with her like this here! Su Jin replied shyly,

“There are so many people here. I can’t!”

Xi Chenxiao frowned. Were there many people here? So what if there were many people? He and Su Jin were legally married. No one would say anything even if she called him hubby. Xi Chenxiao said with a smirk,

“Okay, I understand.”

When Su Jin heard Xi Chenxiao’s words, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that the devil understood. Otherwise, she might really get no sleep tonight. Su Jin did not want to stay up all night, so she immediately said,

“It’s good that you understand.”

Xi Chenxiao looked at Su Jin with a mischievous smile. Anyway, the consequence couldn’t be blamed on him. Su Jin had chosen it herself. When the time came, it would be useless even if she complained. It was destined that she would get no sleep tonight. At the thought of this, his smile widened and then he replied,

“Of course, my wife wants no rest tonight! Am I right?”

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