Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 1570

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Lu Yun shook his head. “You can’t kill me, and your replicas will end up the same as you if they dare come.”

“Oh?” The plotter looked at Lu Yun with a supercilious smile.

“I’ve learned the tricks that the overlord of Ice commands. Though I can’t truly access sequence, I can open its doors. Specifically, the sequence of time.” Lu Yun grinned radiantly. “Have your replicas try me if you don’t believe me.”

The plotter’s expression froze.

“The overlord taught me this method so I could banish the withered wood into time. If even the wood can be exiled, do you think your replicas will be any challenge whatsoever? If I want to, I can exile this entire tomb.” Lu Yun bared his teeth in a bloodthirsty grin, eliciting a shudder from his audience.

The plotter absolutely believed Lu Yun because the young man had already banished the huge face in the world of treasures. That face had been another one of his poisonous tumors—one to devour souls instead of leading people into a trap.

Lu Yun had completely dismantled it.

“Alrighty then, let’s sit down and have a nice chat. I don’t care if you want to draw things out, I have nothing else to do. I’ve got nothing but time.”

The plotter took a deep breath and picked a chair. “What do you want to know? I didn’t lie about the withered wood, that is all I know.”

“What’s your name?” Lu Yun asked.

The plotter rolled his eyes. “Is that important?”


important to be honest with each other if we’re to converse. My name is Feng Feifan,” Lu Yun said without skipping a beat.

“Yun Zhongzi.” The plotter flicked a glare at Lu Yun.

“Huh?!” Lu Yun blinked. “Yun Zhongzi?!”

The plotter nodded solemnly.

“Disciple of the Jade Pure One, the foremost, the golden immortal of the Chan Sect??” Lu Yun asked again while taking a close look at his guest. [1]

“One of my replicas did take the Jade Pure One for his master and followed him into the Central Hongmeng,” Yun Zhongzi responded with a frown. “So you’re from the Central Hongmeng… No, the worlds?”

Lu Yun had once met the Jade Pure One in the great wilderness and collected a strand of soul force from him and the Grand Pure One, ensuring their rebirth in the sea of Hell Flowers. He’d also met Yun Zhongzi and all twelve immortals of the Chan Sect, but never had he thought that the plotter scheming against the Hallowed Emperor and Cloud Sovereign would be this august figure!

Now that he took a closer look at the man, he could indeed see traces of the mythical figure in him. But how could one called the foremost of a most benevolent sect, magnanimous and untouched by karma, be a plotter that schemed for the deaths of thousands of souls?

“Who are you?!” Yun Zhongzi erupted. “If you recognize me, then we must know each other!”

“Do you know who Jian Juexian outside is?” Lu Yun asked. “He has the Immortal’s End sword now.”

“The heir of Daoist Ingress,” the man answered nonchalantly. “If it wasn’t for that, I would’ve entrapped him long ago and had his shadow kill him.”

With Jian Juexian’s skill, it was easy for him to eradicate the troubles in the tomb. But when even the Roastwave World King had managed the deed several times, he’d failed to eliminate a single one. The only time he’d fallen into the trap was because of his shadow.

He couldn’t defeat his shadow, but neither did his shadow come for his head.

Lu Yun sank into deep contemplation at this response.

1. Yun Zhongzi is a powerful character in the Chinese classic Creation of the Gods. The classic depicts the struggles between the benevolent Chan Sect and the malevolent Jie Sect, set in a backdrop of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. ☜

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