The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End

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This is one of the best isekai I ever read. The story is about a king, who died and got REBORN in another world as a baby. That's one of the reason i want to recomend this manga. You can see our character grow. This story is funny and sad, you will laught and cry. I highly resomending this manga. It kind of reminds me of mushoku tensei tho, but this is really good too. 


Like I said, king die and gets reborn in another world as a baby. We can see our character grow and gets better and better, learn about the world with him and grow with him. We can even meet and be-friend a dragon, get lost in the forest and a lot more things. I don't wanna spoil you more then I already had so i will stop here ^^


There is a lot of characters that are easily likeble but some of them are kinda annoying tho. I like the main character and, and thats what I mostly don't. Mostly I like side characters, but there weren't many of them. That's why it gets only 6 for characters, story good, but not many good characters.


Art style is all good, it really fits the story, don't have much to say about it.