The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Yirou Says He’s Family  

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Liu Shan assumed that Qin Yirou would discipline Yun Jian for acting so inappropriately with a guy, but Qin Yirou disregarded her and stood up to talk to Si Yi, “A-Yi, you’re back? Come, come, have a seat next to Xiao Jian. I’ll sit somewhere else!”

Qin Yirou got up to free the seat beside Yun Jian as she spoke and found another spot to sit. It was after she sat down that she answered Liu Shan, “Huh? Acting inappropriately with an outsider? Xiao Jian’s not doing that?”

Qin Yirou looked around, not understanding what Liu Shan was referring to. She was not pretending and was truly confused.

Despite that, Liu Shan scowled right away.

“There! Isn’t this acting inappropriately with an outsider?!” Liu Shan huffed pointing at Si Yi and Yun Jian.

Realization then struck Qin Yirou that Liu Shan was talking about Si Yi. She took a pause before she grinned at Liu Shan and told her, “You mean A-Yi? A-Yi’s no outsider. He’s my approved son-in-law! He’s family!”

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